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When you are considering and planning a custom trip, it’s important to think about every tiny detail. That’s what makes the trip special and unlike any other! And one of those tiny details is a big one: the flight. When flying to European destinations, you will have many options as a traveler so it’s important to think about the airline but also what class you’ll be flying. We’ve compiled some useful information for a variety of airlines that fly to most European destinations, showing the differences between Business and First class.

And as always, when booking a custom trip with us at Bella Terra, all you need to do is tell us your preference of class (and airline, if desired) and we will take care of the rest while you sit back and dream about your vacation.

First vs Business Class: Food

There are few major areas where you will find differences between first and business class. Whether they matter is entirely up to the traveler. But hopefully this information will help you decide what kind of flying experience you desire.

Food is an area with large differences between first and business. In first class, you are likely to find menus that would rival many high-end restaurants. For example, Air France first class offers menus designed by Michelin-starred chefs. On Lufthansa, you can expect caviar service and top-shelf champagne to start your journey.

And it’s not just the food. The dining experience in first class mimics that of a restaurant. Whereas business class food may be delicious and high quality, but the dining experience will be more typical of an economy class flight experience. That said, business class on Virgin Atlantic offers a bar where you can mingle with your friends on the trip or fellow travelers.

First vs Business Class: Service

If you’re flying first class on Air France out of Paris, you can be driven to your plane and even receive a spa treatment. Additionally, when flying first class on any airline you will have a much higher degree of attentiveness and service from the flight attendants.

Additionally, first class often provides more space, if that’s a needed component. On British Airways, you will have your own storage bins and significantly more counter space.

First vs Business Class: Space

This is perhaps one of the bigger selling points when it comes to flying: space. The luxury of first class comes with the feeling that you aren’t packed into a plane with lots of people. You have a much higher degree of privacy along with a healthy dose of space from your fellow passengers. This is an often desirable aspect of first class.

Business class offers more space than economy, certainly, but you will still be aware of your fellow passengers. You may hear more conversations or have a little less room to stretch out. For example, on Lufthansa business class, you’ll still have your feet angled toward the seat next to you rather than a large section that is all your own (this is true on many other airlines as well).

Whatever you choose, you are sure to have a pampered experience. It just comes down to what degree of pampering you desire. And remember, when flying first or business class, you often get access to the airport lounges, which is a big plus and comes with its own perks.