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Private custom journeys

Travel privately with an itinerary that’s customized to meet your and your travel companions’ discerning taste.

Travel solo, with your companion, as a family, or with your small group of friends.

We put you first, always

You describe your dream journey

Share with us your must-haves, your bucket list, as well as the creature comforts that will keep you and your travel companions happy and rested throughout the trip. We’ll offer suggestions from our own experience and our ever-growing list of in-country partners to help you decide what you want.

We build a deeply personalized itinerary

Our team then gets to work! We build your one-of-a-kind itinerary, personalized to your unique needs. We blend the experiences you’re most excited about with expert consideration for unique excursions, stress free travel, and culture rich accommodations that will make your journey remarkable.

We add a once-in-a-lifetime surprise

What makes your trip special is the unexpected an out-of-the-way restaurant, a local market, a unique activity.  We’ll work with you to learn your individual interests and select something truly special for your journey.

We manage every detail

What sets the perfect trip apart is the attention to the details that keep things running smoothly and stress free, regardless of what may occur. Our team goes above and beyond to manage every aspect of your trip from before you depart, to your in-country travel, and your final arrival back home.

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The Smart Traveler's Guide to Europe

After creating hundreds of one-of-a-kind trips and exploring the unexpected, memory-forging corners of Europe, we have a few insights to help you travel like a local.

What our clients are saying

"The itinerary you put together was phenomenal!"

The kids enjoyed our time in Europe immensely. The activities and tours arranged with them in mind were wonderful, the hotel choices were top notch, and you stayed on top of everything, even when there was a last minute change on our tour.

-Babak K.

"Truly exceptional!"

The hotel in Paris was wonderful and so conveniently located! The pace of the activities was just right and our tour guide found us an “off the beaten path” part of Paris with a wonderful restaurant. When our plans changed at the last minute, you were gracious and diligent, helping our trip run smoothly.

-Ruth E.

"I loved working with you—I always felt taken care of!"

My sister and I had a fantastic time on our trip to Italy. The itinerary was tailored exactly to what we hoped to do and see in France, your communication was prompt, and the logistics were planned so precisely it felt like clockwork. You make it very easy to travel!

-Kimberley M.

"You were excellent from beginning to end."

I had very particular ideas about what we wanted to do — you really listened to what we wanted, made appropriate suggestions with advice that provided exactly what we had asked for.

-Steven B.