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Custom Journeys to Italy

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Here’s Why We Love Italy

With its picturesque scenery and rich history, who wouldn’t love Italy? From the Dolomite Mountains and rugged coasts, to the Tuscan hills and serene lakes, the landscape wows at every turn. The quaint towns and villages of Cinque Terre, Montepulciano and of course Roma offer a glimpse into modern Italian daily life, while the Etruscan and Roman ruins, Medieval churches, towers and fortifications and Renaissance palaces shed light on Europe’s grandest days of yore. And who could forget their incredibly rich culture of food and wine? Italy truly does have it all.

Hiking in Portofino

From the El Faro trail enjoy the best views of the town.

Music in Verona

Step back in time with an open air concert at the Roman Amphitheater in Verona!

Vatican City

Arise early to appreciate the Vatican before the crowds get arrive.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Rome
Arrive in magical Rome, the starting point of your journey into Italy. A leisurely walk through the old town reveals right away beautiful examples of architectural and artistic treasures: the intricate Trevi Fountain, elegant Spanish Steps, majestic Pantheon, Piazza Navona with its Renaissance buildings and alluring Fountain of Four Rivers.
Day 2: Exploring Secret Rome

Visit the ruins of Roman temples, basilicas, government buildings, and entertainment centers built over two millennia ago. Venture inside the Colosseum, a triumph of ancient engineering, to relive the gladiator fights and discover the underground dungeons. Later unwind in the beautiful Borghese Gardens and treat yourself to dessert at our favorite gelateria.

Day 3: Vatican Opulence
Explore the Vatican with its colorful Raphael Rooms and Gallery of Maps. Admire the grandiose paintings and murals that hold secret symbols, hear about the battles between the artists and the Papal gossip. Marvel at Michelangelo’s masterpiece, the Sistine Chapel, and tour Saint Peter’s Basilica.
Day 4: The beauty of the Amalfi Coast
Transfer to the Amalfi Coast with its breathtaking villages cascading down to the sea. Absorb the beauty of southern Italy, the dolce vita atmosphere, the charm of narrow streets lined with boutiques and restaurants, and the inviting beaches running along the blue sea.
Day 5: Boat trip to the Blue Grotto in Capri
Enjoy a boat trip to the Blue Grotto in Capri, then explore the magical island, a favorite hangout of artists and celebrities. History, nature, worldliness and culture blend together into an atmosphere like no other place in the world. Stroll the piazzas, peek inside the churches, sip some limoncello and contemplate on the meaning of ‘dolce far niente’.
Day 6: The fascinating ruins of Pompeii
Visit Pompeii, the city that completely disappeared from the face of the earth when the nearby volcano erupted. The ruins of Pompeii tell the fascinating story of an ancient Roman town so sophisticated that its public baths ran on central heating at a time when the rest of Europe was still living in mud-huts.
Day 7: The drama of Sicily
Retrace the footsteps of the Corleones in the captivating villages of the island. The churches, piazzas, centuries old buildings and eerie cobblestone alleys remind of the Godfather trilogy. Be carried away by the drama as you sip a cup of espresso at a street-side café and do some people-watching.
Day 8: Europe's most active volcano, Mt. Etna
Discover Europe’s most active volcano which has been erupting for several million years.. At 7000 ft elevation, walk to the craters and marvel at the arid, moon-like landscape. Visit Giardini Naxos and other villages covered by old lava flows.
Day 9: The Baroque beauty of Southern Italy
Following the scenic coastline of the Ionic Sea, explore the unspoiled, Baroque villages of southern Sicily. In Noto admire the 18th century palaces of incredible value, explore Ragusa’s one of a kind churches and colorful gardens, and discover Modica’s fine late-Baroque architecture, as well as a gastronomic delight: the rich, crumbly chocolate.
Day 10: The gastronomic delights of Sicily
Wrap up your holiday at a local family farm that produces a selection of natural honeys, wine, olive oil and almond pastries. The flavors of these homemade products will be sure to delight you. Visit a small winery surrounded by carefully tended vineyards and panoramic views all around, the perfect place to taste some wines with strong local character and reminisce about your favorite memories of Italy.