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Custom Journeys to Portugal

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Here’s Why We Love Portugal

Portugal has an old-world feel and amazing architecture. It offers castles, charming villages, wonderful beaches and beach resorts and port style fortified wines – all with the added bonus of being reasonably priced.

Lisbon Sightseeing

Nothing compares to a scenic ride on the historic Tram 28 in downtown Lisbon!

Fado Show

An evening with fado music in a wine cellar in Porto is what we call entertainment.

Surfing Paradise

Riding the gigantic waves is as thrilling as it is extreme. We’ll watch and cheer for you.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Lisbon
As you arrive in Lisbon, one of the first sights you see is the April 25th Suspension Bridge, sister to the Golden Gate Bridge, and the towering Christ the King Statue. Discover the unique history and culture in Baixa, the perfect place to taste the famous Pastel de Nata. Ride the vintage tram to Alfama to explore the Moorish heritage and charming square. As evening falls enjoy the beautiful sounds of fado.
Day 2: Palaces and forests in Sintra

Explore Sintra with its palaces, forests and amazing views. Visit Pena Palace built in a flamboyant Romanticist style – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For a journey back in time wander through the mysterious Pena Park with its astonishing variety of plants, explore the secret caves, trails and the Queen’s Throne.

Day 3: The port houses of the Douro wine region

Discover the picturesque Douro wine region, characterized by sprawling mountains and home to the world-renowned Port Houses. Enjoy a wine tasting at an award winning winery followed by a sailing excursion on a traditional rabelo boat on the Duoro River.

Day 4: The architectural magnificence of Porto

Uncover the beauty of Porto and its centuries of history through the architectural masterpieces of a 12th century cathedral, a Belle Epoque café and the neo-classical Stock Exchange Palace. Admire the beautiful azulejos (painted ceramic tiles) and marvel at the city’s six remaining bridges.

Day 5: Sunshine on the beaches of Algarve

With over 3000 hours of sunshine a year the Algarve region feels more like the Mediterranean, not the Atlantic coast. Explore the sandy beaches and villages and enjoy some of the most beautiful waters and secluded coves of the country.

Day 6: The tranquility of rural villages

Find local culture in the quaint villages where old ladies in wide brim hats are doing their chores, the fisherman work on repainting their colorful boats, and donkey carts are weaving through traffic.

Day 7: The Chapel of the Bones in Faro

Visit the Chapel of the Bones in Faro housed in a whitewashed Baroque church with a gilded interior, where the bones and skulls of Carmelite monks adorn every surface of the ossuary. Tour the Maritime Museum displaying scale model boats from the Age of Discovery.

Day 9: One last day on the beach
From hidden coves to popular resorts enjoy the Algarve’s fantastic beaches. Explore the grottos and arches from a sea kayak or stand-up-paddleboard, or dare yourself to surf the best waves of the Atlantic.