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BellaTerra grew from our own love of the sights, sounds and cultural experiences of the Europe many visitors only see in pictures or read about in history books. Our passion is to share these cherished experiences with you.

To create a deeply-personalized travel experience, we spend the time to understand your needs — what’s important to you, and where we can introduce that unique surprise. We put you first in every recommendation we make.

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You’re personally-matched travel consultant works hard to get to know your unique needs. They’re with you every step of the way, including phone and email access through the duration of your trip.

Niched expertise


We know Europe—we’ve specialized here to bring you the best of what this region has to offer. Our staff bring their niched expertise to design unmatched packages and thematic excursions you won’t find anywhere else.

Trusted partners


We only match you with in-country tour guides, drivers, and operators that we know and trust. And, we work hard to build exceptional relationships with partners off the beaten path to deliver the unexpected.

Meet The Team

Beth Reid

Co-founder, Managing Director of Client Services

As one of the owners of Bella Terra Travel, I’m amazed that we’re fast approaching our 15-year anniversary. A dream, which started from a desire to share our love of travel and experiences with others, has come true.

More about Beth

I didn’t travel much when I was young, but culture was all around me. Our family was together every holiday, and there was “Italy” on every corner of the neighborhood —Italian bread from the family that owned the bakery, and my aunt’s special cuccadati cookies. The kids shunned bakala at Christmas time but reveled in the biscotti that required you to sign a blood oath before getting her recipe. I wore a good luck charm from a relative of a relative who went to Italy but I had never been myself. When my family arrived in the US they never thought of going back and this was their home.

I was fortunate to work for a European-based multinational, which allowed me frequently to spend time traveling in Europe. I still never made it to Italy until my husband and I decided to take a bike ride in Tuscany. That trip changed me forever. The minute I set foot in Italy, I felt like I was home. Everything was new and interesting and yet had meaning and was familiar in some way. My husband and I got engaged on that trip, having stopped in the Cinque Terre in the charming town of Portovenere before returning home. After much time planning and looking at various options, we decided to return to Italy to get married. We didn’t dance the Tarantella as we had at the big family weddings of my youth, but we took all of our immediate family with us — mothers, brothers, sisters and kids — to show them Rome, Florence, Tuscany and the Cinque Terre. We were tour guides most of the time driving small minivans and organizing people. We had a wine tasting and a cooking class at the villa we stayed in. When the guitarist played under the stars during a special dinner the night before our wedding, I felt a special connection to all the relatives who weren’t able to join us.

Although I’m also a Destination Specialist in France, Italy holds a special place in my heart. I feel like I’m going home every time I go there; it’s as if my aunt is fixing me a big plate of pasta when I arrive for a visit. Let me show you my favorite places in Italy!

John Holding

Co-founder, Managing Director of Finance and Supplier Relations

BellaTerra has enabled me to marry the expertise I’ve developed from a long career in Finance with my love for travel. I’ve been hands-on since the beginning of BellaTerra, traveling to Europe to develop the business long before our first customer took their trip. Building the business from the ground up has given me a unique perspective on the travel business, particularly Supplier Relations.

More about John

I am British born and was fortunate to travel a great deal during my career, but I never tire of visiting my homeland and developing options to share the UK. My love of travel has resulted in my purchase of a small house in Italy on the Adriatic coast, outside of the main tourist areas, and my commitment to learning to speak the Italian language as well as my fascination with single malt scotch whiskeys and perfecting limoncello and paella recipes.

As BellaTerra continues to expand its reach through Europe, my efforts will be focused on supporting our growth and developing relations with the BellaTerra approved suppliers.

Enikő Torneby

Operations Manager + Travel Consultant

I joined BellaTerra a decade into my career looking for a new challenge, where I can apply my management skills and experience in travel. Interestingly enough, until I was a young teenager we could not travel abroad, however that didn’t stop us from taking summer vacations throughout the country. Growing up in the Transylvania region of Romania, I learned to love nature from a young age, while my need for adventure intensified after each trip to the Carpathian Mountains.

More about Enikő

Later as a young adult, I did get the chance to travel extensively all over the world. I remember with great pleasure the exotic experiences: cooking class in Thailand, safari trip in South Africa, market visit in Morocco. However, coming from Europe, the Old Continent always had a special place in my heart. I fondly recall my exquisite lunch in a tiny Parisian bistro frequented mostly by locals, getting lost on Seville’s narrow streets chasing bright-colored buildings, driving across the Dolomites in Italy on a sunny afternoon.
One destination that I’m particularly interested about is the wine country. Growing up I used to hang out in my grandpa’s vineyard learning about farming techniques and winemaking. As a kid I was allowed to taste only the ‘must’, which is the freshly pressed grape juice or young wine. Overall there is something about the wine country that’s uniquely pleasing to me, a special combination of scenic landscape, cheerful people and good food, an experience that I would be glad to share with you.

Maria Locatell

Travel Consultant

I grew up on a small farm in rural Oregon. As an adult, I got the travel bug and love experiencing the sights and culture of other places. While cruising through the Mediterranean, I solidified my passion for travel and desire to share that with others.

About Maria

My husband and I have flown hot air balloons in Central and Western Europe as well as North America. Scuba diving in the South Pacific and the Caribbean are always a treat for me. Whenever possible, you will find me riding my motorcycle to explore interesting destinations.

I have a profound love for life and sense of adventure. My wide-ranging experience, informed advice and influence with travel vendors throughout the world are what make me stand out in the travel field.

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