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Croatia boasts amazing weather and absolutely beautiful year-round scenery. With vineyards, historic towns, and breathtaking views, this Mediterranean country is becoming a more popular tourist destination, but much of it remains under the radar as travelers seeking Mediterranean beauty continue to flock to Italy and Greece. Here are a few hidden gems of Croatia. As always, we are excited to craft custom journeys to Croatia, so please contact us with any questions about Croatia.

Lastovo Island

Photo of an old house on Lastovo Island, Croatia

A remote island located in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Lastovo is one of the lesser known secrets of Croatia. It is reminiscent of a small paradise, with a few beaches, constant sunshine, and breathtaking natural beauty. Viniculture is the main activity on the island, and not surprisingly, Lastovo Maraština is the most popular wine in the country.

One of the most exciting things to do on the island is the famous carnival, where you will enjoy villagers in costume performing traditional dances. You may want to spend some time exploring the bay of Ubli, where you can see a Renaissance church and lovely old stone homes. As the name suggests, Hotel Solitudo is the only hotel on the island; however, visitors can also stay in private apartments or have the unique experience of staying at Struga Lighthouse.

Lastovo Island also has incredible opportunities to explore nature. You can enjoy hikes in the forest, journey on the cycling and walking paths, or go swimming or kayaking in the crystal clear water. Don’t leave without going to the top of Kascel to enjoy the panoramic views.

Museum of Ancient Glass

Exterior shot of the museum of ancient glass in Croatia

Visitors to Croatia will certainly want to spend some time at the Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar. This charming museum is located in Cosmecendi Palace and is a delightful place to see not only glassblowing but also displays that include jewelry, goblets, and more historic items that come from archaeological sites across Dalmatia. You’ll see Roman Glassware as well as glass cups, vessels, and flasks. You can also learn about the history of glassblowing and see documentaries about the invention of glass itself. Visitors can even visit a workshop and a school of glassblowing located within the museum. You’ll quickly learn that there is so much more to glass than you ever realized as you explore the displays and featured attractions of this amazing museum.

Tavern Kod Ive

Photo of the inside of Kod Ive restaurant

Photo by onlyforalex / tripadvisor

This quaint restaurant is a family-run establishment offering local dishes in a spectacularly beautiful location. In addition to plenty of delicious meat dishes, the fresh fish is beyond compare. Sit on the beachfront terrace as you enjoy your meal in a tranquil atmosphere that you’ll want to savor for as long as possible. It is a wonderful experience that will be one of the main highlights of your visit to the country. All meals are expertly prepared to order and the service gets impeccable ratings as well. You can even dock your boat right outside of this small, personalized establishment and enjoy the view and delicious cuisine.

Paklenica National Park

Paklenica National Park

For travelers to Croatia who want to include outdoor adventure on their journeys, Paklenica National Park offers hiking, climbing, cave tours, camping, cycling, and more. The park was declared a National Park in 1949 in order to preserve the beautiful forests of Dalmatia and protect the diverse flora and fauna of the area. The Croatian government also seeks to protect the cultural history of the area, even naming the park after a type of pine sap that local communities used for centuries in traditional medicine.

Dugi Otok

Town on Dugi Otok, Croatia

Also known as Croatia’s Long Island, Dugi Otok is as peaceful as it is stunning. Enjoy activities such as scuba diving, hiking, or bike riding in order to really appreciate the beauty of Dugi Otok. There are myriad trails that will provide hours of opportunity. Be sure to take the time to go kayaking in Telascica Bay for the experience of a lifetime. You can also enjoy fishing, and then have lunch prepared from whatever you catch. The beaches and coves are beyond amazing, with aqua blue water and fine white sand, and many visitors go sailing while visiting the island.

Learn about the rich history of Dugi Otok, which dates all the way back to the 10th century. You can take the opportunity to see ancient churches such as St. Pelegrin in the Sava. There are plenty of places to enjoy exceptional meals, especially Mandarino, a small bistro-style restaurant offering fine cuts of meat, fresh fish, wonderful Croatian recipes and excellent desserts. Lastly, don’t miss the festivities, with plenty of local food, great music, and wonderful entertainment. Held in honor of patron saints, the festivities are enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. With many festivities held throughout the year, there is sure to be something wonderful happening whenever you choose to visit Dugi Otok.

Croatia offers visitors an amazing experience. While these are just a few of the dozens of hidden gems of Croatia, they offer an excellent sample of the natural beauty and cultural history that Croatia is known for.